Group Members


Research Staff:

Xianyun Sun (Ph.D.), Ph.D., Research Associate

Engaging in studying of filamentous fungi development and resistance to drug



Zhenying Zhang (M.S.), research assistant

Engaging in studying of biological control of microorganism to plant pathogen fungi



Graduate Students:

Xiaokui Gu, Ph.D. candidate (2009- ),  Xiaokui Gu is studying on plant-bacteria interactions of PGPR. His research interest is genomic basis of plant growth promotion effect of Streptomyces spp.

Nan Lan, Ph.D. candidate (2010- ), Lan Nan is studying the molecular mechanism of morphological development of filamentous fungi. She is focusing on the molecular mechanism of sexual development in Neurospora crassa and FvVE1 regulates morphological development in Fusarium verticillioides. 

Saifei Li, Ph.D. candidate (2010- ), Li Saifei is studying taxonomy of gill fungi and application of edible and medicinal fungi. Research emphasis: Investigate the resources of the genus Agaricus nationwide, collect specimens and isolate Agaricus strains. Study the phylogenetic relationship of the genus and build a more natural classification system by morphology and molecular systematics studies. Besides, application work will be conducted of Agaricus which has potential utility value.

Xi Chen, Ph.D. candidate (2011- ),Chen Xi is studying on the responsive mechanisms to antifungal azoles in filamentous fungi. Her focus is on the effect of transcriptional repressor CSP-1 in the adaptive response to azoles stress in Neurospora crassa

Chengcheng Hu, Ph.D. candidate (2011- ), Using Neurospora crassa as a model system, Hu Chengcheng is studying the regulatory mechanism of a conserved kinase Stk-17/Fi to azole resistance in filamentous fungi, to investgate the regulatory effect of some signal pathways in filamentous fungi. Reaserch interests:Azole resistance in filamentous fungi.

Wei Xue, Ph.D. candidate (2012- ), Xue Wei is studying asexual development of biocontrol fungi. He is focusing on mechanism of chlamydospore formation in Trichoderma virens.

Fatima Ismail, Ph.D. candidate (2012- ), Fatima Ismail is studying the  mechanism  of azole anti fungal resistant and sensitive strains using Neurospora Crassa deletion mutants to explore new target points for anti fungal drug designing.

Taju Wu, MS candidate (2012- ), Wu Taju is studying  the synthetic regulation and mechanism of active material in Streptomyces. The present study is focused on screening Streptomyces gene cluster of active material.

Yajing YinMS candidate (2013- )


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