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Meichun Xiang

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Her research focuses on fungal molecular ecology and biological control of plant-parasitic nematodes.

Tel: +86(10)64807512


Jianqing Tian

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research interest is the factors that drive microbe diversity and dynamics in the environment.

Tel: +86(10)64807512


Bing Wu

Ph.D., Research Associate

Research interest is the diversity and function of microbiome in composts.

Tel: +86(10)64807512


Jingzu Sun

Ph.D., Research Associate

Research interest is the biocontrol of plant soil-borne diseases, ecology and taxonomy of fungicolous fungi.

Tel: +86(10)64807512



Post Doctor

Yahan Zhou
Ph.D., Postdoc fellow

Dr. Zhou is studying the formation and maintenance mechanisms of soybean cyst nematode-suppressive soil


Ph.D. Student

Weiwei Zhang, Ph.D. Candidate

Weiwei Zhang is studying the Genomic evolution of parasitic fungi

Email: davidbeckham@163com

Muzammil Hussain, Ph.D. Student

Hussain is studying microbial community of soybean cyst nematode suppressive soils and exploring functional microbial groups involve in disease suppressiveness. Moreover, revealing function of putative genes in nematophagous fungus Hirsutella minnesotensis.

Wei Sun, Ph.D. Student

Wei Sun is studying the diversity, systematics and ecology of rock-inhabiting black fungi in China.


Jianyang Hu

Jianyang Hu is studying the structure and diversity of fungi inhabiting the cysts of cereal cyst nematode.


Jiarui Yang, Ph.D. student

Rong Fu, Ph.D. Student

Master Student

Ruixin Li

Ruixin Li is studying the molecular mechanism of G.L. Ligase and phAST in biosynthesis of Pneumocandin.


Yani Fan

Yani Fan is studying the thigmonastic response mechanism of constricting rings in

nematode-trapping fungi

Jiezuo Chen

Master Student Cadidate

Yunfu. Li

Yunfu. Li is studying the bio-fertilizer


Yiduo Han, M.S. Candidate

Yiduo Han is studying the source mechanism of spores in E.chinensis reservoir.


Peixue Xuan


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