Prof. Zhuang Wenying Elected Academician


The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced Friday that 35 prominent scientists have been elected academicians, bringing the number of CAS academicians to 714.
The new academicians, elected from 296 candidates, included six from the mathematics and physics division, eight from chemistry division, five from the life sciences and medical sciences division, five from the earth sciences division, four from the information technological sciences division, and seven from the technological sciences division.

IMCAS Prof. Zhuang Wenying was among the list.
A CAS academician title is the highest national academic achievement in science and technology and a lifelong honor. New members were added every two years, with a quota of no more than 60 for each election.
In addition, six foreign scientists were elected CAS academicians, bringing the number of foreign CAS academicians to 56. Among the newly elected, four were from the United States, one from France and one from Canada.

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