2010 Annual Academic Meeting Kicks off in IMCAS



        -- 2010 Annual Academic Meeting Kicks off in IMCAS --                         -- Research Progress Display --



Annual Academic Meeting of Institute of Microbiology, CAS kicked off in Beijing on December 20. It attracts over 200 researchers and students this year.


12 researchers deliver reports in secondary metabolites, environmental microbiology, halophilic archaea, covering microbial resources, microbial biotechnology and pathogenic microbiology and immunology. The reports start from Prof. ZHUANG Wenying’s Taxomony and related studies on the nectrioid fungi from China. Dr. Chris Vavricka, one of CAS international young scientists, presented his research work on the 2009 Pandemic H1N1 HA and NA Surface Proteins in CAS Key Laboratory Pathogenic Microbiology and Immunology. Meanwhile, 61 research groups display their latest research achievement through 70 roller banners. Researchers and students can have direct information of their counterparts’ research progress.


Academic meeting, a platform for academic exchange among different research groups, becomes a tradition of IMCAS held in December every year.

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