Papers: Year of 2006


1. Jie Feng#, Yongsheng Che#, Johanna Milse,Ya-Jie Yin, Lei Liu, Christian Rückert, Xi-Hui Shen, Su-Wei Qi, Jörn Kalinowski and Shuang-Jiang Liu* (2006) The gene ncgl2918 encodes a novel maleylpyruvate isomerase that needs mycothiol as cofactor and links mycothiol biosynthesis and gentisate assimilation in Corynebacterium glutamicum. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 281: 10778-10785. 
2. Juan Li, Yingchun Xu and Feng-Yan Bai* (2006) Candida pseudorugosa sp. nov., a novel yeast species from the sputum. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 44(12): 4486–4490.
3. Zhiwei Yang, Zhong Lu and Aoquan Wang* (2006) Adaptive mutations in Salmonella typhimurium phenotypic of purR super-repression. Mutation Research, 595(1-2):107-116.
4. Qiming Wang, Jianhua Jia and Fengyan Bai* (2006) Pseudozyma hubeiensis sp. nov. and Pseudozyma shanxiensis sp. nov., novel ustilaginomycetous anamorphic yeast species from plant leaves. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 56 (1): 289-293.
5. Zuowei Wu and Fengyan Bai* (2006) Candida tibetensis sp. nov. and Candida linzhiensis sp. nov., novel anamorphic, ascomycetous yeast species from Tibet. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 56: 1153-1156.
6. Menglin Xue, Liqun Zhang, Qiming Wang, Jishu Zhang and Fengyan Bai* (2006) Metschnikowia sinensis sp. nov., Metschnikowia zizyphicola sp. nov. and Metschnikowia shanxiensis sp. nov., three novel yeast species from jujube fruit. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 56: 2245-2250.
7. Zuowei Wu, Robert V and Fengyan Bai* (2006) Genetic diversity of the Pichia membranifaciens strains revealed from rRNA gene sequencing and electrophoretic karyotyping, and the proposal of Candida californica comb. nov. FEMS Yeast Research, 6: 305-311.
8. Hejiao Hu, Huijuan Guo, Erwei Li, Xingzhong Liu, Yuguang Zhou and Yongsheng Che* (2006) Decaspirones F-I, bioactive secondary metabolites from the saprophytic fungus Helicoma viridis. Journal of Natural Products, 69:1672-1675.
9. Qi-Ming Zhou, Shou-Yu Guo*, Man-Rong Huang and Jiang-Chun Wei (2006) A study of the genetic variability of Rhizoplaca chrysoleuca using DNA sequences and secondary metabolic substances. Mycologia, 98(1). 57–67.
10. Limei Zhang, Xingzhong Liu*, Shuifang Zhu and Senyu Chen (2006) Detection of the nematophagous fungus Hirsutella rhossiliensis in soil by real-time PCR and parasitism bioassay. Biological Control, 36:316-323.
11. C. Boros, C. J. Smith, Y. Vasina, Yongsheng Che, A. B. Dix, B. Darveaux and C. Pearce (2006) Isolation and identification of the icosalides - cyclic peptolides with selective antibiotic and cytotoxic activities. Journal of Antibiotics, 59: 486-494.
12. Qiming Wang, Jianhua Jia and Fengyan Bai* (2006) Bensingtonia pseudonaganoensis sp. nov., a novel ballistoconidium-forming yeast species isolated from plant leaves. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, 89(2): 261-266.
13. Manhong Sun, Xingzhong Liu* and Lin Gao (2006) Survey and pathogenicity assay of fungi and actinomycetes associated with eggs and females of root-knot nematode in China. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology, 93: 22-28.
14. Bin Liu, Xingzhong Liu*, Wenyin Zhuang and B. O. Baral (2006) Orbiliaceous fungi from Tibet of China. Fungal Diversity, 22: 107-120.
15. Meichun Xiang, Ence Yang, Xingzhong Liu* and Qiming Xiao (2006) Hirsutella vermicola sp. nov., a new species parasitizing bacteria-feeding nematodes. Fungal Diversity, 22:255-266.
16. Tie-Zheng Wei, Bao-Hong Tang, Yi-Jian Yao* and David N. Pegler (2006) A revision of Sinotermitomyces, a synonym of Termitomyces (Agaricales). Fungal Diversity, 21: 225-237.
17. Yi-Jian Yao* and Brian M. Spooner (2006) Species of sowerbyella in the british isles, with validation of Pseudombrophila sect. Nannfeldtiella (Pezizales). Fungal Diversity, 22: 267–279.
18. Chaoyang Liu and Wenying Zhuang* (2006) Relationships among some members of the genus Otidea (Pezizales, Pyronemataceae). Fungal Diversity, 23: 181-192.
19. Manrong Huang and Jiangchun Wei* (2006) Overlooked taxa of Stereocaulon (Stereocaulaceae, Lecanorales) in China. Nova Hedwigia, 82(3-4)435-445.
20. Yi-Jian Yao, Brian M. Spooner and Thomas Læssøe (2006) Octosporella fusisipora sp.nov. (Pezizales), with a key to the species of the genus. Nova Hedwigia, 82:3-4.
21. Wenying Zhuang* and Chaoyang Liu (2006) A new species of Geopyxis with ornamented ascospores from China. Nova Hedwigia, 83: 177-186.
22. Lin Guo* (2006) Six new species of Anthracoidea (Ustilaginales) from China. Fungal Diversity, 21: 81-92.
23. Zhenying Li and Lin Guo* (2006) A new species of Exobasidium (Exobasidiales) on Rhododendron from China. Mycotaxon, 96:323-326.
24. Na Liu and Lin Guo* (2006) A new species of Phyllachora (Phyllachorales) on Leguminosae from China. Mycotaxon, 97:101-104.
25. Na Li and Lin Guo* (2006) Three new chinese records of Phyllachora (Phyllachorales). Mycotaxon, 97:321-326. 
26. Zhenying Li and Lin Guo* (2006) A new species and a new chinese record of Exobasidium (Exobasidiales) from China. Mycotaxon, 97:379-384.
27. Lin Guo* and Tiezhi Liu (2006) Urocystis chifengensis sp. nov. (Urocystaceae) from China. Mycotaxon, 98: 193-196.
28. Bao-Hong Tang, Tie-Zheng Wei and Yi-Jian Yao* (2006) Revision of Termitomyces species originally described from China. Mycotaxon, 95: 285–293.
29. Ying Yang and Xingzhong Liu* (2006) A new generic approach to the taxonomy of predatory anamorphic Orbiliaceae (Ascomycotina). Mycotaxon, 97: 153–161.
30. H. Deng and Yi-Jian Yao* (2006) Tricholoma equestre, the correct name for T. flavovirens (Agaricales). Mycotaxon, 94: 325–329.
31. Y. Jiang and Yi-Jian Yao* (2006) ITS sequence analysis and ascomatal development of Pseudogymnoascus roseus. Mycotaxon, 94: 55–73.
32. Bao-Hong Tang, Tie-Zheng Wei and Yi-Jian Yao* (2006) Type revision of three Termitomyces species from India. Mycotaxon, 94: 93–102.
33. Shen-Zhan Fu, Qing-Bin Wang and Yi-Jian Yao* (2006) An annotated checklist of Leccinum in China. Mycotaxon, 9:47-50.
34. Shen-Zhan Fu, Qing-Bin Wang and Yi-Jian Yao* (2006) Tylopilus microsporus, a new species from Southwest China. Mycotaxon, 96:41–46.
35. Wenying Zhuang* and Zhuliang Yang (2006) A new taxon of Agyrium from Yunnan, China. Mycotaxon, 96: 169-172.
36. Wenying Zhuang* (2006) Notes on Otidea from Xinjiang, China. Mycotaxon, 94:365-370.
37. Zhou Q.M. & Wei J.C.,* Ahti T. and S. Stenroos. (2006). The systematic position of Gymnoderma and Cetradonia based on SSU nrDNA sequences. Journal of the Hattori Botanical Laboratory. 100:871-880.
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40. Manhong Sun and Xingzhong Liu* (2006) Carbon requirements of some nematophagous, entomopathogenic and mycoparasitic Hyphomycetes as fungal biocontrol agents. Mycopathologia, 161:295-305.
41. Zhou Q.M., Guo S.Y., Huang M.R. and Wei J.C. (2006). A study of the genetic variability of Rhizoplaca chrysoleuca using DNA sequences and secondary metabolic substances. Mycologia 98(1):57-67.
42. Yu Zhan, Cai-Hong Dong and Yi-Jian Yao* (2006) Antioxidant activities of aqueous extract from cultivated fruit-bodies of Cordyceps militaris (L.) link in vitro. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, 48 (11): 1365-1370. 
43. Yao YJ*, Spooner BM, Laessøe T. Octosporella fusispora sp. nov. (Pezizales), with a key to the species of the genus. Nova Hedwigia (2006), 82 (3-4): 483–487.

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