Papers: Year of 2007


1. Sun X, Guo LD*. Endophytic fungi VI. Ciliophora quercus sp. nov. from China. Nova Hedwigia (2007), 85(4): 403-406.
2. Ying Yang#, Ence Yang#, Zhiqiang An and Xingzhong Liu* (2007) Evolution of nematode-trapping cells of predatory fungi of the orbiliaceae based on evidence from rRNA-encoding DNA and multiprotein sequences. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 104(20):8379-8384.
3. Hong Li, Hui Zhou, Yuanming Luo, Haomiao Ouyang, Hongyan Hu and Cheng Jin* (2007) Glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) anchor is required in Aspergillus fumigatus for morphogenesis and virulence. Molecular Microbiology, 64(4):1014–1027.
4. Zhihui Yang, Jixiang Huang and Yijian Yao* (2007) Autoscreening of restriction endonucleases for PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism identification of fungal species, with Pleurotus spp. as an example. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 73(24): 7947–7958.
5. Hui Zhou, Hongyan Hu, Lijuan Zhang, Ruoyu Li, Haomiao Ouyang, Jia Ming and Cheng Jin* (2007) O-Mannosyltransferase 1 in Aspergillus fumigatus (AfPmt1p) is crucial for cell wall integrity and conidium morphology, especially at an elevated temperature. Eukaryotic Cell, 6(12):2260-2268.
6. Hongbo Ling, Guojun Wang, Yuqing Tian, Gang Liu and Huarong Tan* (2007) SanM catalyzes the formation of 4-pyridyl-2-oxo-4-hydroxyisovalerate in nikkomycin biosynthesis by interacting with SanN. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 361(1): 196-201.
7. Yonggang Zhang, Shuchun Liu, Yongsheng Che* and Xingzhong Liu (2007) Epicoccins A-D, epipolythiodioxopiperazines from a cordyceps-colonizing isolate of Epicoccum nigrum. Journal of Natural Products, 70:1522-1525.
8. Huijuan Guo, Hejiao Hu, Shuchun Liu, Xingzhong Liu, Yuguang Zhou and Yongsheng Che* (2007) Bioactive p-terphenyl derivatives from a cordyceps-colonizing isolate of Gliocladium sp. Journal of Natural Products, 70: 1519-1521.
9. Wenchao Li, Ju Zhou, Shouyu Guo and Liangdong Guo* (2007) Endophytic fungi associated with lichens in Baihua mountain of Beijing, China. Fungal Diversity, 25: 95-106.
10. Airong Liu, Tong Xu* and Liangdong Guo* (2007) Molecular and morphological description of Pestalotiopsis hainanensis sp. nov., a new endophyte from the tropical region of china. Fungal Diversity, 24: 23-36.
11. Jiguang Wei, Tong Xu*, Liangdong Guo*, Airong Liu, Ying Zhang and Xiuhu Pan (2007) Endophytic Pestalotiopsis species associated with plants of Podocarpaceae, Theaceae and Taxaceae in southern China. Fungal Diversity, 24: 55-74.
12. Juan Chen, Lingling Xu, Bin Liu and Xingzhong Liu* (2007) Taxonomy of Dactylella complex and Vermispora. II. The genus Dactylella. Fungal Diversity, 26:127-142.
13. Juan Chen, Lingling Xu, Bin Liu and Xingzhong Liu* (2007) Taxonomy of Dactylella complex and Vermispora. I. Generic conception based on morphology and phylogeny of ITS sequences. Fungal Diversity, 26:73-83.
14. Junxin Duan, Xingzhong Liu and Wenping Wu* (2007) Reinstatement of Coleonaema for Coleophoma oleae and notes on Coleophoma. Fungal Diversity, 26:187-204.
15. Junxin Duan, Wenping Wu* and Xingzhong Liu (2007) Dinemasporium (coelomycetes). Fungal Diversity, 26: 205-218.
16. Wenying Zhuang*, Ye Nong and Jing Luo (2007) New species and new records of Bionectriaceae and Nectriaceae from Hubei, China. Fungal Diversity, 24: 347-357.
17. Juan Li and Fengyan Bai* (2007) Single-strand conformation polymorphism of microsatellite for rapid strain typing of Candida albicans. Medical Mycology, 45 (7): 629-635.
18. Li Gao, Manhong Sun, Xingzhong Liu* and Yongsheng Che (2007) Effects of carbon concentration and carbon-to-nitrogen ratio on fungal growth and sporulation of several biological control fungi. Mycological Research, 111:87-92.
19. Long Wang, Xiangmin. Zhang and Wenying Zhuang* (2007) Penicillium macrosclerotiorum, a new species producing large sclerotia discovered in south China. Mycological Research, 111(10):242-1248.
20. Xiaohua Yan, Yuling Gai, Liang Liang, Gang Liu* and Huarong Tan (2007) A gene encoding alanine racemase is involved in spore germination in Bacillus thuringiensis. Archives of Microbiology, 187: 371-378.
21. Zhoujie Xie#, Wenli Li#, Yuqing Tian, Gang Liu and Huarong Tan* (2007) Identification and characterization of sawC, a whiA-like gene, essential for sporulation in Streptomyces ansochromogenes. Archives of Microbiology, 188:575-582.
22. Ying Zhang and Liangdong Guo* (2007) Arbuscular mycorrhizal structure and fungi associated with mosses. Mycorrhiza, 17: 319-325.
23. Yu Liang, Liangdong Guo*, Xiaojun Du and Keping Ma* (2007) Spatial structure and diversity of woody plants and ectomycorrhizal fungus sporocarps in a natural subtropical forest. Mycorrhiza, 17: 271-278.
24. Yuanying Su and Liangdong Guo* (2007) Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in non-grazed, restored and over-grazed grassland in the Inner Mongolia steppe. Mycorrhiza, 17: 689-693.
25. Meichun Xiang, Xiaohu Yang, Zhexiao Wang, Xingzhong Liu*, Senyu Chen and Qiming Xiao (2007) Variability of morphology, parasitism and rDNA sequence among isolates of the nematophagous Hirsutella species. Biological Control, 41:110-119.
26. Bin Wang, Wenping Wu and Xingzhong Liu* (2007) Purification and characterization of a neutral serine protease with nematicidal activity from Hirsutella rhossiliensis. Mycopathologia, 163:169-176.
27. Qiming Wang, Shi’an Wang, Jianhua Jia and Fengyan Bai* (2007) Cryptococcus tibetensis sp. nov., a novel basidiomycetous anamorphic yeast species isolated from plant leaves. Journal of General And Applied Microbiology, 53:281-285.
28. Long Wang and Wenyying Zhuang* (2007) Phylogenetic analyses of penicillia based on partial calmodulin gene sequences. BioSystems, 88: 113-126.
29. Zhoujie Xie#, Guoqing Niu#, Rui Li, Gang Liu and Huarong Tan* (2007) Identification and characterization of SanH SanI involved in the hydroxylation of pyridyl residue during nikkomycin biosynthesis in Streptomyces ansochromogenes. Current Microbiology, 55:537-542.
30. Kun Hu, Haihua Yang, Gang Liu and Huarong Tan* (2007) Cloning and identification of a gene encoding spore cortex-lytic enzyme in Bacillus thuringiensis. Current Microbiology, 54(4): 292-295.
31. Shuanghui He and Lin Guo* (2007) Two new records of Entyloma (Entylomatales) from China. Mycotaxon, 97:197–200.
32. Na Liu and Lin Guo* (2007) Phyllachora tengchongensis sp. nov. and a new record of Phyllachora (Phyllachorales) from China. Mycotaxon, 100:251-254.
33. Lin Guo* (2007) Anthracoidea setschwanensis sp. nov. (Ustilaginales) and a new record of Anthracoidea from China. Mycotaxon, 99: 227–230.
34. Shuanghui He and Lin Guo* (2007) Two new species of Urocystis from China. Mycotaxon, 101: 1-4.
35. Shuanghui He and Lin Guo* (2007) Macalpinomyces flaccidus sp. nov. and Urocystis poae-palustris new to China and Asia. Mycotaxon, 101: 99-102.
36. Wenying Zhuang* and Chaoyang Liu (2007) Taxonomic reassessment of two taxa of helotialean cup-fungi. Mycotaxon, 99: 123-131.
37. Wenying Li and Wenying Zhuang* (2007) Re-examinations of Botryosphaeriaceae (Dothideomycetes) on deposit in HMAS. Mycotaxon, 100: 209-220.
38. Jing Luo and Wenying Zhuang* (2007) A new species and two new Chinese records of Bionectria (Hypocreales, Bionectriaceae). Mycotaxon, 101: 315-323.
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41. Zheng RY*, Chen GQ, Huang H, Liu XY. 2007. A monograph of Rhizopus. Sydowia 59: 273?372.

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