Program Thursday August 9, 2012


09:00- 10:00 Registration and coffee (IMCAS, Room A102)


10:00- 10:10 Opening,chaired by Xingzhong Liu


10:10- 11:50 Symposium presentations,chaired by Xingzhong Liu

10:10- 10:30 Scott A. Redhead: Using name registration and lists of approved and rejected names to resolve mycological nomenclatural problems.
10:30- 10:50 Paul M. Kirk: The start of a new beginning.
10:50- 11:10 Marc Stadler: The Xylariaceae as a model example on how to concisely link good nomenclatural standards and modern biodiversity research.
11:10- 11:30 Roger G. Shivas: Taxonomy of Australian rust and smut fungi in the new era of nomenclature.
11:30- 11:50 Lei Cai: Plant pathogenic fungi, cryptic species unmasked.


12:00- 13:00 Conference Lunch (Room A203, or take away)


13:30- 16:00 Group discussions (IMCAS, Room A201/ A202/ A203/ A223)

Room A201 Yeasts, Fengyan Bai (Convener)
Room A202 Colletotrichum, Lei Cai (Convener)
Room A203 Fungal Names Registration, Yijian Yao (Convener)
Room A223 Environmental Fungal Operational Taxonomic Unit (OTU), Liangdong Guo(Convener);

15:50- 16:00 Coffee break 


16:00- 17:00 SKLM-IMCAS exhibition

                        Labs, China General Microbiological Culture Collection Center (CGMCC), Mycological Herbarium Chinese Academy of Sciences (HMAS), etc. 


18:00- 21:00 Conference Dinner (17:30 Invited guests gathered at the Lobby of the IMCAS).




Program Friday August 10, 2012


09:00- 12:00 Symposium presentations (IMCAS, Room A102),chaired by Lei Cai.  

09:00- 09:20 Lorelei L. Norvell: Fungi and the International Code of Nomenclature: a mycologist’s guide to the Melbourne changes.

09:20- 09:40 Kevin Hyde: The value of epitypification.

09:40-10:00 Bevan Weir: Colletotrichum / Glomerella in the new era of fungal nomenclature.

10:00-10:20 Vincent Robert:Mycobank and Nomenclatural databases as working tools for taxonomists: opportunities and challenges

10:20- 10:30 Coffee break

10:30-10:50 Teun Boekhout: Taxonomic problems in the basidiomycetous yeasts: How to solve them?

10:50- 11:10 Fengyan Bai: Opportunities and challenges for the taxonomy of the ascomycetous yeasts in the new era of fungal nomenclature.

11:10- 12:00 Open discussion


12:00- 13:00 Conference Lunch (Room A203, or take away).


14:00- 16:00 General Discussion and Conclusion (BICC, Room 203A),chaired by Wenying Zhuang.

14:00-14:50 Group reports
                    Yeasts, Fengyan Bai
                    Colletotrichum, Lei Cai
                    Fungal Names Registration, Yijian Yao
                    Environmental Fungal Operational Taxonomic Unit (OTU), Liangdong Guo
                    Orbilia, Xingzhong Liu
14:50-15:40 Discussion
15:40-16:00 Conclusion, Scott A. Redhead

18:00- 20:00 Conference Dinner (17:50 Invited guests gathered at the Lobby of BICC).

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