Selected Publications



1. Jufen Zhu, Xinxu Yu, Baogui Xie*, Xiaokui Gu, Zhenying Zhang, Shaojie Li*. (2013). Transcriptomic profiling-based mutant screen reveals three new transcription factors mediating menadione resistance in Neurospora crassa. Fungal Biology, 117(6): 422–430.

2. Xianyun Sun, Wenzhao Wang, Kangji Wang, Xinxu Yu, Jie Liu, Fucai Zhou, Baogui Xie, Shaojie Li*.(2013) Sterol C-22 desaturase ERG5 mediates the sensitivity to antifungal azoles in Neurospora crassa and Fusarium verticillioides. Frontiers in Microbiology, doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2013.00127.

3. Xianyun Sun, Shu Kang, Yongjie Zhang, Xinqiu Tan, Yufei Yu, Haiyong He, Xinyu Zhang, Yongfeng Liu, Shu Wang, Wenxian Sun, Lei Cai, Shaojie Li*. (2013). Genetic diversity and population structure of rice pathogen Ustilaginoidea virens in China, PLoS ONE , doi: 201310.1371/journal.pone.0076879

4. Bingzhi Chen, Fu Gui, Baogui Xie*, Youjin Deng, Xianyun Sun, Mengying Lin, Yongxin Tao, Shaojie Li*. (2013). Composition and Expression of Genes Encoding Carbohydrate-Active Enzymes in the Straw-Degrading Mushroom Volvariella volvaceaPLoS ONE, 8(3):e58780

5. Xianyun Sun, Jufen Zhu, Li Bao, Chengcheng Hu, Cheng Jin, Steven D. Harris, Hongwei Liu, Shaojie Li*. (2013). pyrG Is Required for Maintaining Stable Cellular Uracil Level and Normal Sporulation Pattern Under Excess Uracil Stress in Aspergillus nidulans. SCIENCE CHINA Life Sciences, 56(5): 467–475.

6. Zhang Yu#, Zhang Zhenying#, Zhang Xinyu, Zhang Hanxing, Sun Xianyun, HU Chengcheng, Shaojie Li*. (2012). CDR4 is the major contributor to azole resistance among four Pdr5p-like ABC transporters in Neurospora crassa. Fungal Biology. 116 (7):848-854.

7.  Sun Xianyun, Luning Yu, Nan  Lan, Shiping  Wei, Yufei  Yu, Hanxing  Zhang, Xinyu  Zhang, Shaojie Li*. (2012). Analysis of the role of transcription factor VAD-5 in conidiation of Neurospora crassa. Fungal Genetics and Biology. 49 (5): 379–387.

8. Sun Xianyun, Hanxing Zhang, Zhenying Zhang, Yong Wang, Shaojie Li*. (2011).Involvement of a helix-loop-helix transcription factor CHC-1 in CO2-mediated conidiation suppression in Neurospora crassa. Fungal Genetics and Biology. 48 (12):1077-1086.

9. Jiyong Wang, Qiwen Hu, Huijie Chen, Zhipeng Zhou, Weihua Li, Ying Wang, Shaojie Li*, and Qun He*. (2010). Role of Individual Subunits of the Neurospora crassa CSN Complex in Regulation of Deneddylation and Stability of Cullin Proteins. PLoS Genetics. 6(12):e1001232.

10. Chi-Tai Tang #, Shaojie Li#, Chengzu Long, Joonseok Cha, Guocun Huang, Lily Li, She Chen, and Yi Liu*. (2009). Setting the pace of the Neurospora circadian clock by multiple independent FRQ phosphorylation events. PNAS. 106 (26): 10722–10727

11. Shaojie Li*, Ana M. Calvo, Gary Y.YuenLiangcheng Du and Steven D. Harris. (2009). Induction of cell wall thickening by the antifungal compound dihydromaltophilin disrupts fungal growth and is mediated by sphingolipid biosynthesis. The Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology. 56(2):182-187.

12. S. Li, C.C. Jochum, F. Yu, K. Zaleta-Rivera, L. Du, S.D. Harris, and G.Y. Yuen*. 2008. An antifbiotic complex from Lysobacter enzymogenes strain C3: antimicrobial activity and role in plant disease control. Phytopathology. 98 (6): 695-701.

13. Shaojie Li, Dapeng Bao, Gary Yuen, Steven D. Harris, Ana M. Calvo*. 2007. basA regulates cell wall organization and asexual/sexual sporulation ratio in Aspergillus nidulans. Genetics. 176(1):243-53.

14. Shaojie Li, Kyung Myung, Diana Guse, Brett Donkin, Robert H. Proctor, W. Scott Grayburn and Ana M. Calvo*. (2006). FvVE1 regulates filamentous growth, the ratio of microconidia to macroconidia and cell wall formation in Fusarium verticillioides. Molecular Microbiology. 62 (5)1418–1432.

15. Shaojie Li, Liangcheng Du , Gary Y. Yuen , and Steven D. Harris*. (2006). Distinct ceramide synthases regulate polarized growth in the filamentous fungus Aspergillus nidulans. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 17(3):1218-27.


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