Graduated Students
Yongchun Niu, Post-doctoral, Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences
Yicun Huang, Post-doctoral, Chongqing Institute of Green & Intelligent Technology of CAS
Xiangqun Gao, Dr. Uppsala University, Sweden. Now in USA
Shouyu Guo, Dr. Institute of Microbiology, CAS
Linhai Chen Dr. Zhengzhou University
Qiming Zhou, Dr. Institute of Microbiology, CAS
Huajie Liu Dr. Hebei University
Manrong Huang, Dr. Beijing Museum of Natural History
Xinli Wei, Dr. Institute of Microbiology, CAS
Haiying Wang, Dr. Shandong Normal University
Jun Yang, Dr. Post-doctoral ,Institute of Botany, CAS
Tao Zhang Dr. Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College
Xiaode Lu, Msc.
Chenghua Ma, Msc. Millennium Pharmaceuticals, USA

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