Research interests:

    Our researches mainly focus on 1) the structure and function of fungal community in unusual niches, such as wetland, psychrophilic and lithobiotic habitants; 2) interspecific interaction between fungi and nematodes (/ insects); 3) Biopesticides.



Research progress and results
1. Fungal diversity in unusual niches (coorperate with Prof. Liyun Guo, CAU, China)
2. The evolution of fungal predation in Orbiliomycetes (coorperate with Prof. Zhiqiang An, TAMIU, USA)
3. Population genetics of Ophiocordyceps sinensis and its coevolution with host insects (coorperate with Prof. Yongsheng Che, BIPT; Assoc. Prof. Yongjie Zhang, SXU, China)
5. Genome and secondary metabolome  of fungi (coorperate with Prof. Chengshu Wang, SIPPE; Prof. Yongsheng Che, BIPT; Prof.  Liangdong guo, Prof.  Shaojie Li, Assoc. Prof. Xinyu Zhang, IM; Prof. Liyun Guo, CAU, China. Prof. Zhiqiang An, TAMIU, USA)






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